the process: whirlwind

Moving is crazy. Not only is it the physically dizzying effect from confronting mountains of boxes that need contending, or the whirlwind from new surroundings and lack of bearings; but also emotionally - recovering from it all, getting settled, getting comfortable enough to pay attention to other less immediate concerns. Things other than meals, laundry, health insurance, schools, and driving directions. Things that fill the heart and soul, not just the body and mind. Things like - a business. Like this business; my passion/dream/vision that had been placed gently, lovingly on a shelf. Temporarily so, knowing I'll get right back to it when the dust settles. When the boxes are unpacked, when I can breathe a bit. And while there are still some boxes left to deal with, some sorting still left to be done, I am ready. Ready to get back to samples, vendors, labels, lookbooks. Blog articles, web-building, calendar planning, and all the many many details that need to be tended to as this business is built. I plan to take it slowly, lovingly, and with care. I'm lining up some exciting things for you - some jewelry made by local friends, collection pre-ordering, and maybe a few other surprises. But I'll make every effort to keep you informed as things progress, just make me this one promise - that you'll be patient and stay tuned. Good things are happening and I can't wait to share them with you! xx #BYKB 


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