thoughts: moving

{photo credit: I.S.} 

{photo credit: I.S.} 

(The beautiful view of Jerusalem above was taken from the hotel room I booked solo (a wonderful treat!) in order to relax from and alleviate the crazy amount of stress I was experiencing in deciding my future and that of my family. The thoughts below were written from that room, probably while eating the world's most amazing caramel dessert in the history of room-service!)

"Simple it's not, I'm afraid you will find, for a mind maker-upper to make up his mind." Dr. Suess, 'Oh, the Places You'll Go'.

{Disclaimer; I need to preface this article and inform you that my husband and I were in a position of choosing a move outside the U.S. to my childhood home in Israel, and therefore this brought about lots of serious consideration that may not apply to you. However, perhaps you the reader, were/are faced with a dilemma about returning to your childhood home (as in country/City/neighborhood - be it in the next City or State from your current place of living, and were/are faced with similar speculations.}

My journey in deciding where to move my family has been very difficult. I'm still going through the thinking stage, the 'feeling my way around the decision' stage, but I am more directed and a lot more resolved finally. At the very least, calm enough to share my 3 tips (i.e. epiphanies) to sanity when deciding where to move - 

1. Just because you're missing out doesn't mean you belong. I think going 'back' and peeking into your former peers' lives feels sometimes like you should be there - this is what you've been missing, and where you belong. They stayed and made a life for themselves, and you should too. But that's not necessarily true - especially when it feels wrong, when you're gut's telling you it's not for you. Visiting and living somewhere are two mutually exclusive things, and a pleasant visit shouldn't seal the deal. 

2. Let your heart AND head guide you together. Following your head despite your gut, or intuition - won't take you where you want/need to be. But, I think it's important to weigh matters carefully as well. Obviously, balance is the key - good luck! You'll figure it out.

3. Every place has pros and cons - make the best of your final decision, because finding the negative side is easy; but not helpful and certainly not productive for you or your family's happiness. 

See the good, honor your final decision, and move forward! (Pun intended.)

Final note - More than anything else, I've discovered my body has been my guide in so many ways - the stress I had felt caused me to be laid up in bed with a bad back for over a week during our pilot trip (!!!), and in contrast, once decisions began to come together in one direction, and things were not falling into place with our second option - and the time came to commit to that first place; when the moment of truth came, the decision verbalized and final - my body seemed to relax inward and completely; which I took as a sign that this was the right choice for our family. So my body has been more in tune with my self than my mind throughout this momentous decision-making, (a pattern I'm beginning to recognize more frequently in smaller pivotal moments as well), and all I can do is sit back in awe, and feel honored to have noticed.

When do you feel best about yourself, about life? Do you agree or disagree with the article? And if so, why? Please share in the comments below. And share this article with a friend! #beYOURkindofBeautiful