the process: m&h first runway show

Whew. Am I glad this ahmmaaaazing event is behind me, and I can simply enjoy the photos and chaotic memories made that night. To say that I was stressed before the show is an understatement; I have zero experience in the realm of runway shows, and there were a thousand mysteries that weren't going to get resolved until a few short hours pre-show... NOT an ideal way to have your line present for the first time. BUT, somehow, someway, with a can-do attitude, an awesome, positive, competent team, plus cool clothes ;) - it all worked beautifully! We had a huge positive reaction from the crowd, and I was left with a rush that has still lingered this many days later.

What an awesome feeling! Two year's worth of sketching, planning, designing and printing... then here we are! I can't wait for the future of moss & honey!!! So glad you're here for the ride. :)