the process: do or do not, there is no try

Last week I found inspiration in a light rom-com movie I watched at the end of a long day, and although I am not a Stars Wars fan, I do think Yoda was one smart... wrinkled green person- thing. "Do or do NOT, there is no TRY." In this process, if there's one thing I learned it's that you've got to give it your all. The only way to find out if your concept/idea/vision is powerful is to back it with the energy it deserves and watch it blossom into form. Then you can take a step back, re-evaluate and "pivot" (a term my hubby uses often) or continue on. So here's to DOING with full conviction and hope!

This coming week I am fortunate to have my clothing featured on a runway at a fashion show event in Savannah, and I feel a bit over my head - all the details and responsibilities necessary to ensure my brand is represented according to vision. At the same time I'm elated to be a part of this evening and grateful to my friend Kevin for including moss & honey. So, wish us Good Luck and I hope you stop by if you're in the neighborhood! Contact me for details, or check out info here.