the process: samples

Finally! After all this time of waiting, and talking about the samples, sketching, referencing, dreaming and worrying - we have finished pieces at hand. There were bumps all the way until the shoot - the morning of I was busy ironing and sewing buttons on, but everything came together in the end - and the photos tell a totally different story. A big part of the reason everything came together so beautifully, was really because of the people I was fortunate enough to work with. Every single person there (Photographer, stylist, model, make-up, wardrobe, film student) were so understanding when I arrived over 2 hours late to the location (!!) because of last-minute sample-related emergencies that needed my attention in the studio. And the Sample Makers stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG trying to finish what needed to get done, those sweet, hardworking girls really worked hard. And we're still not entirely finished. We have to go back and shoot some more pieces that didn't make it. So this whole dramatic day needs to be repeated. Oohf. Not for the faint of heart. Even with all that, it was thrilling beyond words to see the pieces come to life with all the details - hair, make-up, jewelry, etc. I was so satisfied and grateful for all that came out, and spent time thinking about all the bumps and what I learned from them - or what I'd like to learn from them, for the next time.