the process: fabrics and manufacturers

Back to my puzzle analogy a few posts earlier; my biggest juggling act is coming up - ahem. Here are the pieces of my puzzle -

  • wholesale fabrics - finding fabrics suited for my pieces (in color, content, price and quantity)
  • manufacturer - finding a source to manufacture that will grade, cut and sew and all the other lovely details that I forget just now, and do so for a fair price per piece - without having to mass-produce on a crazy large scale.
  • pattern-maker - someone to go over the student-grade patterns I have right now and proof them for production.
  • crowdfunding campaign - raise the fund necessary to make this dream happen; manufacturing is a very pricey endeavor.
  •  photoshoot for lookbook - I have a date scheduled for a photoshoot of the pieces I have so far, and although some of them will not be able to be reproduced exactly (as some pieces consist of my own repeats that I paid $30/yard on (!!!), or some of retail fabric that was limited quantity), but I'm still going ahead with it, because I want to get photos out there to share with all my friends who believed in me and are waiting to see!
  • B-School - I signed up to A. get support and B. get guidance in this huge business-in-the-making mega endeavor.
  • Designer Launch Intensive - an online course that gives tons of info, templates and guidance specifically for designers launching a new line like me.
  • Start Smart program - the local SBDC (Small Business Development Center) has a program to network and help build a business plan.
  • Trademarking all the elements of my logo/name/etc that need to be protected legally.

And... with three small kids, a hubby, regular house/meal stuff plus all the unexpected and expected holidays/plans/events/appointments ------ I feel like I'll never get my head on straight. Not in the near future anyway. But somehow I keep going, shuffling one foot in front of the other, hoping and praying that all this effort gets me to where I want to be, or somewhere even greater.

Have you ever decided to take a risk, because you knew if you didn't do a thing - you would regret that more than the possible failure? Or because you wanted deeply to see a change that wasn't happening? Comments below are welcome!