the process: blogging and vulnerability

So, last week's post was titled s.w.s.w.s.w.s.w. (which has become my very favorite acronym, and I wish I could use it in like, every sentence.) And the reason I had it down was because it was what gave me the push to post again. My friend Becky and I were talking about my journey, she asked how things were going, and after describing the details and ups-and-downs that have been part of the ride, she said - "This is the stuff you need to be blogging about! This is really interesting, and people want to read about all that!" to which I replied by telling her that my skin's not as thick as I'd like it to be, and when I get negative comments about my posts (I've gotten exactly 2 in the 1-2 years I've been blogging. How's that for being sensitive?) it shuts me down. So dear Becky replied "Haven't you ever heard - s.w.s.w.s.w.s.w. Some will. Some won't. SO WHAT! Someone's waiting." And that was enough for me to say - heck yea, I can and I will and - SO WHAT?