thoughts: s.w.s.w.s.w.s.w

some will, some won't, so what, someone's waiting!

The process right now is a bit of a puzzle. Actually it's like a 1,000 piece puzzle consisting of teeny-tiny, murky-colored pieces that you have no clue how to put together. That's how I feel most days, and the only thing I can do is plug ahead and pool from my existing resources as I try to make sense out of the pieces in front of me.

After the DG EXPO last week in Miami, I discovered a couple things about the "best way to proceed" (which is what I should really call my goal. I hereby plan to refer to the murky, ever-elusive "best-way-to-proceed" as such. Amen.), because I'm trying to be smart here - to have an uninhibited outlet for my creativity and artistic direction, yet keep reality in check and make wise business decisions that build an everlasting, financially successful empire. Yes, I do have big dreams. (End of snarkiness and sarcasm. For now.)

So, where was I? Ah, yes - my take-away from last week, and part of the plan for "the best way to proceed", is two-fold; 1. reducing the 12 piece collection I originally planned to have, down to 6 pieces. And 2. DO NOT print my own original repeat patterns as I hoped to do, because that would increase the retail price per garment.

Okay, so those are definitely important things to learn. More on the puzzle. To be continued...