the process: the long and winding road

To say that this journey has been a long one so far, is an understatement. I think I've been working to get the samples done for about a year and a half now, and it's crazy to think it's taken this long. Part of it is that living in a small city limits the resources available, unless you want to spend lots of $$$$. Part of it has to do with the evolution of moss & honey - developing from a vision, an idea - to a real brand. SO, after working with a couple sample makers and nothing coming out of it, it's time to move on and make some big decisions.

My next move is to work with a manufacturer who'll provide the samples (as well as production), and although this might be ideal - it's going to push my deadline even further. I really do believe that sometimes when things go awry, I find that the new options at my disposal end up (many times) looking so much better than the original plan.

So, here's to staying on course, finding ways that lead to the end goal, and bending with the wind; allowing things to unfold as they do, even when they unravel. And I think I will "proceed as if success is inevitable", because in the end, what have I got to lose???

Thank you to all who continue to encourage me, who believe in me/the brand, and who offer support and friendship. One thing I've learned for sure - building a brand cannot be done alone. You need a team of people and connections to take you from a great idea - to a final product. So - here's to you! Wish us luck. ;)