the process: prototypes

The last few weeks have been harried as we've moved from one sample maker to my current (awesome!) sample maker, but things are finally beginning to take form. (No pun intended! Ha!)

So far, I have a few finished patterns, the rest are in the final stages. After all are done, I'll be ready to order final prints (my own!!) on chosen fabrics, then finally have the ready made sample collection. I'm also waiting for my printing source to ship out strike-offs (color samples of my prints in various colorways - i.e., color combos), so I can approve those colors and get those prints ready for sewing!!!

I can't wait! I can't wait to share and get opinions and move right along. There's so much to do.... Perhaps have a local 'Sit and Sip' to get feedback from friends and fellow female acquaintances, I'd like to have a campaign, perhaps a runway show set to live music, and well, the sky's the limit. This ride is in motion and I'm just trying to steer it in the best direction. Hold on tight with me! :)

In the meantime, I would love to hear what you want to see available for women in the clothing market - longer skirts? Dresses?

How would you like to have a part in shaping this collection? If you have any cool ideas for clothing you'd like to wear - please share! Send a sketch/drawing and we'll decide if it works with our collection, or perhaps use as an inspiration piece. Who knows? Maybe you can be a part of the process!!! #theprocess #mossandhoney