the process: my to-do's

My to-do list is ever-changing and growing these days; between fittings, sample-maker switching (my sample-maker is over-committed, so we're adding another team member to help out), digital printing (so exciting! Also incredibly time-consuming!), color-matching, fabric shopping (a few here and there, pretty much done in that department), tech sheets, line sheets, flats, notions, colorways and all the various details that go into this process. I've also been taking a Photoshop for Designers course online that has been so fantastically helpful (but again, time consuming!!!), and every now and then I try to get some painting time in (stress-relief and art therapy in-one). Also, about six months ago I won a free year-membership to an online learning community (, where I've taken classes on Brand Identity, Starting a Business, Painting, Hand-Lettering, Calligraphy, Inking, plus plus... The problem is there are so many many classes I want to take, but have so little time that I'm half-way through my year and I still haven't finished half the classes I started, let alone begun the rest still on my wish-list.

Honestly, I love these 'problems'. Life gets very exciting when you surround yourself with things you love, at least that's what I've found. I'm grateful to be involved in this creative process while following my passion. So most days, I take a deep breath in - and tackle one task at a time, and pray that I'll make progress vertically, instead of laterally. :)

I'm certain there are people out there who are better at time-management. What are your secrets? Since everyone is good at some things and not at others, I'm curious to hear especially from those that are good at juggling a mulit-faceted schedule. Go!