the process: color

IMG_9851.JPGRight now: combing through colors swatches from various digital printers, to match my colors as accurately as possible. When I first started this process, I would hear time and again, that the colors are one of the most important and time consuming elements in creating a collection. This didn't make much sense because really, so many colors go well together, and although I've spent years working closely with colors, both digital and not, it was hard to wrap my head around how could something as wonderful as color possibly hold up the process. But then maybe I never noticed how particular I am about color. How discerning and well, picky. So... I get it now. Color IS so vast, and I do really want my hues very specific after all. I chose not to share color photos, BUT I will certainly do so as soon as possible! I would love to hear from you - what are your go-to colors in life and/or fashion?