the process: moss & honey dreams

my dreams are (in the process of) becoming a reality! (I was contacted by to write about my dreams and goals for moss & honey, as their service is to "help others achieve their dreams everyday." Thanks Kabbage for putting in a plug for my brand!)

Throughout this process I've had lots of time to think and develop the endless philosophical layers of the hows and whys of my brand. One thought that struck me as of late, is that this brand is really not about fashion. It's not about trend, or labels, or some image of what an ideal woman should look like. (Yes, my collection is based on trend forecasting for the appropriate season, but it's more seasonless and each garment won't be a passing fad that lasts only one season.)

The core of moss & honey is - Essence. Authenticity. Individuality.

By creating clothing that is made from natural materials (which have longevity, better quality, and just feel great), by creating flattering silhouettes for perfectly imperfect women, and promoting natural, authentic products - essence oils instead of synthetic fragrances, cosmetics that are actually good for you rather than toxic, handbags and shoes that are not faking their materials (if you're not leather - don't pretend to be!), and beautiful shoes that aren't spikey and uncomfortable.

Because I believe beauty is not an equation - X+Y=Z. Skinny, tight, heels and labels do not equal beauty in my book, nor should anyone feel the pressure to conform to that formula to be 'okay'. And in some small or large way, most women today do feel that pressure.

I want moss & honey to be a one-stop shop that celebrates YOU. Where you can easily find clothing that flatters, non-toxic products, accessories, recipes and other healthy-living ideas/articles to enjoy.

As a woman guided by a desire to dress a bit more covered than what's out there (for religious reasons or not), there should be an option that is easy, sophisticated and available to everyone. I really do feel like this is kind of a "Women's Power" revolution. Let's rid ourselves of the pressure to conform or be what we're not, let's celebrate the unique and beautiful women that we already are!

The quote below speaks to me as someone who's struggled with the options (or lack of thereof) currently available in the market. "Everybody deserves the right to good fashion." fashion quote

{Photo credit: Inbal Singer}

I can't wait to share my collection with you!

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~ Inbal

Please share your thoughts, comments and anything you might want to add! The reason I started this blog was to hear your voice and thoughts as I develop this brand. So speak up!