the moss&honey process: hiding

Okay, I'll confess. I've been hiding. Hiding because I've been so busy working on prints, prototypes, fabric shopping, deadlines, etc, yet also hiding because I've been a little unsure. Unsure of the future of this endeavor, of how much of the process I can/should not/ share, and if my amazing vision is really turning out to be amazing. Because that's my goal. The only thing keeping me from attaining this goal is - fear. Fear of failure, of funds coming to an end, of connections in this world of fashion not panning out, of a million things that could go wrong. And I know that uncertainty is a side-effect of risk-taking and that won't deter me from moving forward. How can I? I have an amazing team helping me pull this together, and some beautiful fabrics and prints being made, some really cool prototypes being perfected, and this process has been way too fulfilling and exciting that I'm already brainstorming ideas for the next collection. (!)

And as far as the sharing, that was really my goal starting this blog. So I'll continue to do so, once I check a few more items off my To-Do list that are almost past deadline. (Eek!) Then I'll be able to focus more time here. In the meantime, please follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Three Cents (app) where I posted a few polls to see what 'the public' has to say about fashion and fit.

And on those days when I feel like hiding, I surround myself with little encouraging phrases, like the one below. And as sappy as some of them are, they really do help me take the leap.

Have you ever started up a company/brand/product? What do YOU do when you feel fear holding you back from creativity or finishing up a huge project?

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{photo credit: Inbal Singer}