the process: a trip to the Garment District, New York City

nyc small

Wow. Just booked a ticket to NYC. My first EVER business trip to the Garment District. We’re really moving right along. Things are falling into place, yet surprisingly, I’m feeling even more anxious. Probably because the greater the potential, the greater the risk. The fear of failing is just getting bigger, because up until now I put in very little. A lot of time, yes. A lot of days spent dreaming, thinking, talking; but nobody’s investments have gone in. No one else was at risk of losing anything. Until now. And that is a burden to bear that I didn’t expect, although it is inevitable. You can’t expect big things, without putting in just as much. And really, anxiety is hardly the only thing coursing through my veins as I plan the next few months - this exciting journey that’s unfolding has left me feeling incredibly buoyant. This dream is becoming real. I’m brought back to those days long ago when summer vacation was just around the corner, school was to be out, and life couldn’t be any sweeter. A tickling sensation of anticipation of great-things-to-come has settled on my soul, and I can’t wait to see where life takes me! So, whew, forgive me as I wipe my brow, relax my smile and readjust my determination - so I can simply. move. forward.

NYC here I come!!!!

If you live in NY and would like to meet up to discuss, inspire, comment, suggest, advise, etc - please contact me!