the process: connections, connections, connections

I know that in real estate, they say the three most important aspects are - location, location, location. When starting a business it definitely is all about - connections, connections, connections. Yesterday, I wrote a list of the people I've met with about my Line, whether to get advice, assistance, or guidance. Or friends who've been supportive and encouraging. It's nice to see both psychologically, and factually that I have backing. Although some didn't pan out, some disappointed, and some I turned down; still, there's proof that I did something this past year. Proof of conversations, meetings, and more meetings, trying to launch this concept forward. Well, my very first contact/meeting was with Project Runway, SCAD graduate, April Johnston! Thanks April for giving me positive feedback and even though we didn't end up working together, for a few days I was glowing because you were going to help me start my capsule collection. It's all meant to be, and G-D willing this will launch some other way, but that was a nice rush and I'm grateful.

april johnston