thoughts of the day: brain wash

I think it’s seriously funny when I see print advertisements sometimes. Mascara for example. Every ad claims THIS mascara is the newest, best mascara you’ve ever tried. You’ll get the longest lashes EVER. (Why do we care?) Or the email title stating “these are the shoes you NEED”.

It seems marketing is all about adding an emphatic description to sell an item. If you tell me I need it, than you must be right. If it says right here it the BEST, than surely that must be true.

I’m not sure what the media thinks of us - are we really that easily fooled?

A while back I noticed a curious thing while eating a chocolate bar. You’ve had this brand I’m sure. Usually kids will sell bars by the case to raise money for schools.

I’m not sure what brand makes them, but on the wrapper it says ‘the World’s Finest Chocolate’. Well, in the past, I would make sure I bought one every time they came around, and it was always with relish that I would tear open the wrapper and take a bite. Until one day when it hit me - I don’t even like this chocolate. It was just ‘ok’ but not that great.  I also recognized how easy it was to not think twice and simply believe what I read on the wrapper. Until that moment I was convinced it was the best chocolate in the world, simply because somebody told me so.

I’ve been more conscious of this phenomenon since and stop and think for myself more, make sure to stretch those dormant, easily dominated muscles in the brain and really question/challenge statements made by others.  There is no universal truth when it comes to taste, food or fashion. Parenting or health. It’s personal.

Hmmm. Food for thought.

Do you find yourself in similar situations? Do you feel the need to stop the outside noise and simply turn inward to your own truth?