the process: thoughts

Something I've noticed recently, is the impression certain brands give. Forever 21 used to be a store I felt I had no right to shop in, because it was obviously for women around that age. Urban Outfitters has some really trendy clothing (when you can find something tznius), and when I shopped there a few days ago, I felt a sense of shame discovering their promo for a 'Back to school sale'. I certainly didn't want to be wearing clothing a fifteen year old is wearing. or even a college student, for that matter. But, at the same time, I'm past allowing myself to care too much about outside opinions. When it comes to taste (in clothing or anything really), everyone has their own and shouldn't feel pressured to be different to fit in. Tznius clothing and the ongoing 'trend' in the communities, tends to be repetitive in colors and silhouettes. The brands I fall for have lots of detail, color and texture and are a refreshing break from the monotony of frum fashion.