thoughts: why now?

I would like to express how strange and premature it feels to share this blog and idea with you. I've been thinking and talking about this idea for a few years now, and have met with quite a few people in the business (who've all expressed nothing but encouragement to pursue this endeavor), and am finally about to start creating the core collection. BUT, it is still not an actual product yet. It is still a concept in the making. There are sketches and flats, a mood board and color palette, etc. But as far as actual garments, they are about to be made tangible, but this whole line is still mainly (very much) alive in my head. I see all the details of the end product, and know exactly what I want it to become. I know just how I want the website to be, what products I see there and what style I want the brand to convey. As an artist, sometimes the scariest hurdle to overcome is the blank canvas in front of you. This blog is my blank canvas, and I'm sharing the first tentative brush strokes with you. flats

It was not my idea to share all this yet. Perhaps with some close friends and family, but not publicly.  I wanted to wait until I actually had a product in hand. But I've been persuaded and coaxed to make this blog/vision/process public, for a few reasons. How many people/women will show an interest in this product? What are the statistics for the buyers' market for this concept? When I turn around with the first collection of sample pieces, I need to show proof of numbers. And In addition, I want to hear your feedback as this progresses - what are you looking for? Which is most important to you - style, quality, body-type, price? etc.

So follow me in this process and see where it takes us all. Your encouragement and enthusiasm will be the tools that enable this concept to come alive. And in the end, you will benefit.

Share your thoughts, ideas, frustration with me. I'd love to hear what you have to say!