craftmanship: shoes

Love the look of these shoes.  The designer is a SCAD grad and I've been sort of keeping tabs on his shoes since he started (less than a year ago) to promote his line. He obviously cares about the detail and quality of his product, because it shows. Just reading about his line (excerpt below) and mission makes me happy. michael grey shoes1  michael grey2 michael grey3 michael grey4


The creation of a great shoe is more than footwear; it's a work of art.. From the concept to a sketch on paper, to the handwork and stitching that make the shoe come alive, and on to the finished product in action on our busy city streets.

[...] will not be just another fashion brand. I am striving to create meaningful fashion footwear for the design conscious and globally conscious. I have always wanted to find a way to use my skill set to give back to our world. In our society so many focus on taking, and so few think on how to give back.

I love this kind of artist who works hard and dedicates his heart to his work, and wish him well.

What do YOU think of the shoes? The artist's direction? What inspires you when you see artists producing work?