inspiration: natural fragrance

perfumeI know I discussed this perfume already in this post, but during my hunt to find out more about the ingredients in the perfumes, I read a lovely and inspiring story about the couple who started this brand. Here's a small excerpt:

Success did not happen overnight. From the beginning, Brook and Billy had a grassroots vision. They believed that if they invested in the quality of their products and the fragrance experience, rather than marketing, people who fell in love with Pacifica would spread the word. They were right. Their devout following of fragrance aficionados and earth-conscious connoisseurs deeply value Brook’s fresh approach to perfuming, which enhances rather than overwhelms. Her blends are sophisticated and complex, yet, fun, happy, and easy to wear. They come to life differently on each person, becoming a unique and integral part of them. People also trust Brook’s thoughtful attention to formulating natural, safe, and sustainable products.

I like that first line - Success did not happen overnight. I might repeat that to myself a few times over today, like a mantra.

Do you sometimes find yourself drawn to products because the people who created it are a source of inspiration to you? Please share!