obsession: shopping thoughts

Shopping: I’m sure there are plenty of women who can relate to the following frustrations. One of the things I’ve discovered over time about myself is that if I feel I look good, I feel good. Now this may not be a huge revelation to some, but to me it sort of was. I grew up in an environment that values simplicity as a high standard. Where dressing simply and refusing to get caught up in current fashion is the goal. Lack of materialism.

And while these are worthy values, I was left making strange fashion choices. If I really really liked something, I usually tried to get something less exciting, or less exciting to me. I thought I was choosing the higher road. But what ended up happening is two-fold; I started feeling less sure of myself and envying others who were dressed the way I really wanted to dress.

Well, toss in the following ‘restrictions’ and something has to buckle -

~ Time. I have almost no time to shop (or go to the bathroom for that matter) as a mother of three small children. That’s a huge necessity for tznius shopping.

~ Budget. Definitely a problem. How to stretch the dollar to buy the things I like.

~ Style. I spend a lot of time trying to ‘get out of my box’ and match/purchase clothes in a fun and interesting way, and sometimes I’m left wishing I had a personal stylist. It’s always easier to style someone else. (Although I do get many compliments and inquiries over purchases.)

~ And of course, tznius. I find myself thinking in this order when I shop -

  1. Is it tznius?
  2. Is it something I even like?
  3. Does it flatter?
  4. Is the price right?

And all of the above comes after the effort of finding the TIME to do it.

So, in the end, I’m left being so frustrated and unimpressed with my options. Does it really have to be this way? I can’t be the only one who feels this way?