the process: stress relief

So, here I am, two years (plus) evolving and developing in my head, after countless dead-ends, finally getting the direction and help, two months into the actual hands-on sketching, digitizing, planning colors, etc ---- I was at a stressed-out, back-to-the-wall, push-push to move forward, ball-of-nerves state. So I said -


I cleared my morning, and instead of all the work I had planned/needed/wanted to get done for moss&honey, instead I went to the large, spanking new art store downtown. Downtown Savannah is a place to go whenever I feel blocked, the historical architecture and ornate detail everywhere is breathtakingly beautiful. Whenever I go there I feel proud to live in this city, and always wonder why I don't go downtown more often. It expands my soul and I breathe deeper when I'm there.

image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5 image_6

The art store was so what I needed. I was reminded of the bigger world of creative expression. Life is more than just brush and paint, pencil and paper. There are a million other mediums and forms of expression out there and I was being exposed to them all in one big room. Overwhelming in the best sense. And they even have an art gallery!

Good decision. Mental note- do. this. more. often.