blogs: moss & honey and blogging in general

I'd like to share a bit about the blogging thing. I started this blog a few weeks ago, and while I'm loving the process and outlet, my one hold-up is how much do I share? I'm not talking about the actual clothing process, I'm talking about personal ideas, thoughts, concepts that I would love to share. When you follow a blog, what draws you in? Keeps you interested? On Facebook, I find there are people who share way too much information, and even though you may like them as friends/acquaintances, you probably don't really care about what they ate for lunch. Or do care very much that someone's going through a painful divorce, but why is she sharing it on a public platform such as Facebook? A blog however, should be a place where you can share whatever you want, because the followers are visiting of their own volition. They can leave if they choose, and those that don't are obviously staying because they're interested in what you have to say. But even blogging shouldn't be a diary, don't you agree?

The blogs I follow are interesting to me because they either teach me something new (a concept, product, etc) or because the blogger herself fascinates me. Their life is intriguing, inspiring, uplifting.

photo 1Tell me what YOU think - when you follow a blog, what draws you in? Keeps you interested? Please share!