obsession: local natural perfume

There's a local store downtown that sells my 'go to' perfume. Except it's not perfume, it's essential oil to replace synthetic perfumes. After years of buying expensive perfumes that are made of a thousand ingredients, many synthetic and probably not so great for your skin; I've discarded them for life. For quite some time now, I've turned to essential oil blends and love the scent and price ($6!!!).

Maybe it's because I have sensitive skin due to eczema, or because I've become much more aware of what I put into my mouth, on my body and in the environment. Or really, because I've become a snob of sorts, to things that are fake. As the years go by, I find I like things to be as close to the source as possible. There's no need to add a million ingredients to 'enhance' something, when two ingredients are just as good, or even better.