obsession: a whole new level of tznius demin skirts

SevenTwo Demin. Ladies, the bar has been raised in frum fashion. Hurray! Thanks to the daughter-in-law of Jeff Rudes of J Brand Jeans, we are now fortunate to have sophisticated, fashionable, high-quality pencil skirts. seventwo demin

This may not seem so exciting to everyone, but it should be. At least for frum women looking to dress in trendy, quality clothing. The pencil skirt is really the frum version of the skinny jean/leggings. I learned this as soon as I gained baby weight in pregnancy and postpartum. Nothing hides baby fat like a loose top, and you can't wear a baggy top with an a-line or loose skirt. The pencil skirt became my new best friend. I have yet to try out this skirt, but as soon as they're off back-order, I plan to.