the process: brand statement

Check. I just finished writing my brand statement and that feels great!!! Online I found this really helpful guide to writing a brand statement;

If you want to write a great mission statement, follow these 3 simple rules:

  1. Tell people where you came from: how your brand started, what was the inspiration, why are you doing what you are.
  2. Tell people what’s really unique about your brand: Maybe all your tees and ink are organic or maybe your designs are all inspired by your favorite Star War characters, or maybe you donate 10% of each sale to the WWF. Whatever it is, make it plain and easy to understand.
  3. Tell people what your designs are about: This is hard if you don’t have a theme that connects your clothing line (hint: your brand will be stronger if you have a central theme), but you should be able to talk about what connects all your designs and what they’re about.

It really puts things in perspective to put together a brand statement. And it clarifies the direction and vision I see for this brand. I feel the stirrings of something real. I pray that this will be as fantastic as I believe it can be. It's amazing to see all my skills potentially put to use on one exciting vision. And it's my own. My heart soars and I feel as though I have wings to fly. The sky's the limit, my friends.