inspiration: atlanta boutique

Somewhere in Atlanta, there's a store I'd like to visit one day. Maybe even meet the owner/creator of this line. (And hopefully have a better experience than this one.) I find her story inspiring: she opened a women's wear store/boutique adjacent to her husband's swanky mens' version. A mother of five kids, petite and very attractive, she's an inspiration for juggling it all and creating her own brand of high-end, quality clothing. I love these dresses; many of the fabrics are of 'Liberty of London', there's much detail in the construction, and they look SO flattering. LOVE.


(Side note: I've actually tried on numerous occasions to contact said owner and seek her advice, direction, connections. However, she's never responded to my email and phone messages. That's ok. I'm sure she's busy and she really doesn't owe me a thing. But it would be so nice...)