obsession: boots

Last winter season, I noticed many beautiful tan leather riding boots around. As the weather changes from hot and muggy to beautiful soft cool breezes and other signs of fall, I find myself searching for a pair for this winter. It's hard to believe how difficult it is to find the boots I have in mind. Another obsession has begun. Here are my must-haves; ~ Leather. (Supple, tan authentic leather. Not PVC or anything else. Does anyone else resent faux-anything? Just be what you are, don't pretend.)

~ Tall, but not too tall. It needs to hit a few inches below the knee, with a few inches space from the bottom of a pencil skirt to the top of the boot. Otherwise, it looks ridiculous.

~ Shape hugger. I prefer it to be flush against the leg, rather wide like a rain boot.

~ Semi-flat. No high heels, as this is for everyday wear and that's what I prefer for comfort.

~ Price. Must be below $200. Preferably below $100.

Here are what I'm finding -

Leather boots are e

xpensive, wide and the tan is hard to find. Hrrrmph. That won't stop me. No sirrreee!

The awesome, expensive FRYE boots - yours for only $367.95 (!!!)FRYE

Sam Edelman Penny Boot $190