Finally new photos are up!

We're so excited to have all our colorway photos making it up to the site - finally! We're very proud of the variety of beautiful colors and fabrics that our styles come in. Check them out and let us know which is your favorite! Check out all the prices and details here

#the process: continued


The past few months have been a blur of highs and lows, slow days and jam-packed weeks as moss & honey grows and develops into an actual ecommerce/retail business. Besides delving into B-School (a highly recommended online business program for creative entrepreneurs!) and focusing on getting my brand solid for the next step; production is now in full swing.

What's it like creating this business from scratch? A roller coaster ride of high highs and very low lows. But I continue this journey in small steps of gratitude and never looking back!

 Excited to finally be here - photoshoot post next! 


Let me know what you'd like to find out about #theprocess of #mossandhoney Comments and questions always welcome! xx

#ShirtDress deets

Some of our awesome #ShirtDress features:

  1.  Floral detail at the hemline (side tabs), folded cuffs, tab to hold up sleeve (with button), inside collar, and placket front.

  2.  Boxy, flattering fit to be worn with a belt, or without. (I prefer without.)

  3.  Lightweight, breathable crinkle cotton (100% cotton) that never needs ironing or dry cleaning - easy wash and wear for us busy women!

  4.  Covers all the right places, even with sleeves folded and tab closed. 

But then again, why take it from me? A picture may be worth a thousand words, but when it comes to clothing - nothing beats touching and trying it on. Lucky for you we offer a 15 day return policy, so you never have to fear trying something new! Go ahead, take on the world. But do it comfortably.

#mossandhoney xx

#the process: the first cut is the deepest

<Doin' a little dance of joy!>

The manufacturer has already started cutting!!! Raglan tops are underway, and this is seriously exciting news! If you haven't already, head over to the pre-shop page on our website and look at all the rocking colors! Still more to come! These incredibly comfy shirts are super flattering and come in 4 different colors. Go check them out! And did I mention that I'm purposely producing a small run so you'll never feel like you're wearing the same top as your neighbor. (But you'll look better anyway!)


Grab your first raglan and feeeeeeel the difference. #RaglanTop #mossandhoney

#the process: lookbook photoshoot

Last week the Marketing Ninja and I went on a #mossandhoneyretreat to Orlando, and it was the perfect place to shoot the Spring/Summer 2016 collection. With samples going back and forth to the manufacturer for last minute adjustments (they must be just right before production!!), we used a sample of each sample (ha!) - meaning, some pieces represented for the style, and we're going to add more photos of all the different color options as we go. Things are getting S E R I O U S here as we prepare for production, shipping and ---- customer service!!! Ahhh! That's a whole new ball game, and at moss & honey we're rolling up our sleeves, brushing up on our philosophy and mission, to give the very best that we can to YOU. Get ready, it's #comingsoon.

xx the busy bees at moss & honey

thoughts: inner light - the simple equation

{Photo credit: I.S. Flowers in Jerusalem} 

{Photo credit: I.S. Flowers in Jerusalem} 

You’re looking for a dress. Or a top, or just a whole new ‘look’. You scroll through outfits online to find your fit. Or your color. Or price point. The options are daunting, the selections endless, until it sets in - there really isn’t much to choose from after all. Eliminate the garments for X body type, or Y color and then Z budget and you’ve narrowed it down till you hardly have a selection after all. You’re just so glad you found something that looks decent, and you’ll take it because you hardly have all day to sit online and shop - and the pasta is boiling over. Time to make a purchase and be done with it.

But wait. You forgot to throw in another element - coverage. Most dresses/tops/skirts out there are too low or too high (for some women’s religious or personal preference), and now you’ve just added a whole other dimension to ruin a theoretically pleasurable experience. No more. Now shopping for fashion has become a struggle and a stress-inducer. Maybe you shouldn’t care so much about how you look after all. Maybe you should just make do with what you already own. 

Maybe not - because one thing’s for sure - there’s a simple equation that is undeniable =

If I feel yucky about how I look = I’m going to feel yucky about myself. 

There was a time when I thought this made me shallow. So I denied it. Told myself I’m tougher, deeper than that. And it worked - for about a minute. But I kept up the farce for years. And when I faced up and allowed myself to care about something so “superficial” - I felt empowered and beautiful. 

Instead of an equation that goes like this = 

Skinny + skin + heels + labels = BEAUTY

how about this -

Flattering + feminine + EXPRESSION of SELF = REAL BEAUTY

Real beauty to me, means expressing what is in - letting it shine through, by means of creativity and self-expression. 

I’ve spent a lifetime of 'people-watching', and one thing I can say with certainty that I’ve found time and again in my research (ahem) is that when a woman/man/person looks confident, self-assured and unself-conscious = that’s when I’m drawn to them. This is pretty much regardless of their "beauty", size, or anything else really. If they're happy with themselves - they can come in all shapes and sizes and still be attractive. And vice versa, times in my life when I was thoroughly enjoying myself, feeling good about myself, without a care or thought to what ‘others’ are thinking about me; I have felt a ripple effect in my social circles. Like a bee to honey there is something very attractive about someone with confidence in who they are/aren't.

"The flower doesn't dream of the bee, it blossoms and the bee comes." - Mark Nepo
“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” - Sophia Loren.

And maybe even - the complete non-materialistic approach is this - confidence and the ability to be CONNECTED with your inner guide/self = equals this thing we call BEAUTY. By definition it is not a THING to strive for, but a feeling; a glimmer of the light-inside-shining-through that creates a glow; an effervescence that has come to mean ‘beauty’.

When do you feel best about yourself, about life? Do you agree or disagree with the article? And if so, why? Please share in the comments below. And share this article with a friend! #beYOURkindofBeautiful

thoughts: moving

{photo credit: I.S.} 

{photo credit: I.S.} 

(The beautiful view of Jerusalem above was taken from the hotel room I booked solo (a wonderful treat!) in order to relax from and alleviate the crazy amount of stress I was experiencing in deciding my future and that of my family. The thoughts below were written from that room, probably while eating the world's most amazing caramel dessert in the history of room-service!)

"Simple it's not, I'm afraid you will find, for a mind maker-upper to make up his mind." Dr. Suess, 'Oh, the Places You'll Go'.

{Disclaimer; I need to preface this article and inform you that my husband and I were in a position of choosing a move outside the U.S. to my childhood home in Israel, and therefore this brought about lots of serious consideration that may not apply to you. However, perhaps you the reader, were/are faced with a dilemma about returning to your childhood home (as in country/City/neighborhood - be it in the next City or State from your current place of living, and were/are faced with similar speculations.}

My journey in deciding where to move my family has been very difficult. I'm still going through the thinking stage, the 'feeling my way around the decision' stage, but I am more directed and a lot more resolved finally. At the very least, calm enough to share my 3 tips (i.e. epiphanies) to sanity when deciding where to move - 

1. Just because you're missing out doesn't mean you belong. I think going 'back' and peeking into your former peers' lives feels sometimes like you should be there - this is what you've been missing, and where you belong. They stayed and made a life for themselves, and you should too. But that's not necessarily true - especially when it feels wrong, when you're gut's telling you it's not for you. Visiting and living somewhere are two mutually exclusive things, and a pleasant visit shouldn't seal the deal. 

2. Let your heart AND head guide you together. Following your head despite your gut, or intuition - won't take you where you want/need to be. But, I think it's important to weigh matters carefully as well. Obviously, balance is the key - good luck! You'll figure it out.

3. Every place has pros and cons - make the best of your final decision, because finding the negative side is easy; but not helpful and certainly not productive for you or your family's happiness. 

See the good, honor your final decision, and move forward! (Pun intended.)

Final note - More than anything else, I've discovered my body has been my guide in so many ways - the stress I had felt caused me to be laid up in bed with a bad back for over a week during our pilot trip (!!!), and in contrast, once decisions began to come together in one direction, and things were not falling into place with our second option - and the time came to commit to that first place; when the moment of truth came, the decision verbalized and final - my body seemed to relax inward and completely; which I took as a sign that this was the right choice for our family. So my body has been more in tune with my self than my mind throughout this momentous decision-making, (a pattern I'm beginning to recognize more frequently in smaller pivotal moments as well), and all I can do is sit back in awe, and feel honored to have noticed.

When do you feel best about yourself, about life? Do you agree or disagree with the article? And if so, why? Please share in the comments below. And share this article with a friend! #beYOURkindofBeautiful

thoughts: back home

"Where we love is home. Home where our feet may leave, but never our hearts." - Oliver Wendel Holmes

{Photo credit: Inbal Singer}

I needed to go back. I needed to be surrounded by stone, cradled in the bedroom of my childhood, the crisp Mediterranean evening breeze gently lifting, caressing. 

Caught in a crossroads in life, where we as a young family were ready to move from the small, Southern city we made our home. I said I won't I can't make my mind up until I go back. Something deep inside was crying and aching to be go home, back to the familiar, to my school friends who knew the me I once was. A dimension dormant within, not readily found after years of evolving in unfamiliar cities and homes figuratively built from scratch. Moving to a new country was once an exciting adventure, but the shock of a daily life so different and new, and the process involved in creating a new social network of friends as I redefined, reinvented and introduced my self to new peers again and again, resulted in a deep loneliness.

Can it be that I am destined to be one always yearning for the other side, never truly satisfied living in one culture as I straddle two?

Yet I went back to the cold hard stone that I missed with an ache so deep, the hustle, the bustle, the grime, the history, the unglamour. I was embraced and caressed, a balm to my soul, but surprisingly, unexpectedly, instead of a connection to a familiar self I once was, a missing piece making me whole - a part of the present erased, gave way, and as past and present blurred; I once again redefined, reaffirmed and evolved.

 I found I am lost once more.

Have you lived in different countries? How has that affected who you've become? Where do you feel the most connected, at home? Please share!

the last few months in a nutshell... this is #theProcess

the last few months in a nutshell... this is #theProcess

As we move forward toward the next stages of sampling and production, it's so satisfying to look back and see how far we've come. As a brand, as a person, as a whole, I look forward to much more growth and awesome opportunities to stretch out of my comfort zone, take risks and reach for the stars. Thanks for following me on this journey. "Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

the process: start small; do it right

Yippee! Yet another trip to the lovely city of NY is planned for moi - it's time to meet with a manufacturer (or two!) to nail things down and begin production. Yup, it's happening folks. Production. Well, hold on, before you get all excited - this is a SMALL celebration - things are not all figured out yet. Some of the best words of wisdom I received (at the DG EXPO in Miami this past March), were "Start Small, do it RIGHT." That's become my mantra as of late, especially at times when I want it all to have happened yesterday, to have products out and selling already today, not this slow progress that is me taking small, shuffling steps as I move forward. Although I realize this is how great things begin - slowly and surely. So instead of looking to create an entire line at the beginning, or to design my own prints in large quantities for production ($$$$), I was advised by more experienced folk in the biz to KEEP IT SMALL at first. How small? That's TBD. Maybe two pieces, or six. I'm figuring things out as I shuffle forward. But right now, I'm celebrating that I've come this far (!!) and that I'm blessed to be involved in this amazing, huge, creative dream of mine.

shirt dress by moss & honey, as well as handbag and iPhone skin.

shirt dress by moss & honey, as well as handbag and iPhone skin.

the process: do or do not, there is no try

Last week I found inspiration in a light rom-com movie I watched at the end of a long day, and although I am not a Stars Wars fan, I do think Yoda was one smart... wrinkled green person- thing. "Do or do NOT, there is no TRY." In this process, if there's one thing I learned it's that you've got to give it your all. The only way to find out if your concept/idea/vision is powerful is to back it with the energy it deserves and watch it blossom into form. Then you can take a step back, re-evaluate and "pivot" (a term my hubby uses often) or continue on. So here's to DOING with full conviction and hope!

This coming week I am fortunate to have my clothing featured on a runway at a fashion show event in Savannah, and I feel a bit over my head - all the details and responsibilities necessary to ensure my brand is represented according to vision. At the same time I'm elated to be a part of this evening and grateful to my friend Kevin for including moss & honey. So, wish us Good Luck and I hope you stop by if you're in the neighborhood! Contact me for details, or check out info here.

the process: samples

Finally! After all this time of waiting, and talking about the samples, sketching, referencing, dreaming and worrying - we have finished pieces at hand. There were bumps all the way until the shoot - the morning of I was busy ironing and sewing buttons on, but everything came together in the end - and the photos tell a totally different story. A big part of the reason everything came together so beautifully, was really because of the people I was fortunate enough to work with. Every single person there (Photographer, stylist, model, make-up, wardrobe, film student) were so understanding when I arrived over 2 hours late to the location (!!) because of last-minute sample-related emergencies that needed my attention in the studio. And the Sample Makers stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG trying to finish what needed to get done, those sweet, hardworking girls really worked hard. And we're still not entirely finished. We have to go back and shoot some more pieces that didn't make it. So this whole dramatic day needs to be repeated. Oohf. Not for the faint of heart. Even with all that, it was thrilling beyond words to see the pieces come to life with all the details - hair, make-up, jewelry, etc. I was so satisfied and grateful for all that came out, and spent time thinking about all the bumps and what I learned from them - or what I'd like to learn from them, for the next time.


the process: fabrics and manufacturers

Back to my puzzle analogy a few posts earlier; my biggest juggling act is coming up - ahem. Here are the pieces of my puzzle -

  • wholesale fabrics - finding fabrics suited for my pieces (in color, content, price and quantity)
  • manufacturer - finding a source to manufacture that will grade, cut and sew and all the other lovely details that I forget just now, and do so for a fair price per piece - without having to mass-produce on a crazy large scale.
  • pattern-maker - someone to go over the student-grade patterns I have right now and proof them for production.
  • crowdfunding campaign - raise the fund necessary to make this dream happen; manufacturing is a very pricey endeavor.
  •  photoshoot for lookbook - I have a date scheduled for a photoshoot of the pieces I have so far, and although some of them will not be able to be reproduced exactly (as some pieces consist of my own repeats that I paid $30/yard on (!!!), or some of retail fabric that was limited quantity), but I'm still going ahead with it, because I want to get photos out there to share with all my friends who believed in me and are waiting to see!
  • B-School - I signed up to A. get support and B. get guidance in this huge business-in-the-making mega endeavor.
  • Designer Launch Intensive - an online course that gives tons of info, templates and guidance specifically for designers launching a new line like me.
  • Start Smart program - the local SBDC (Small Business Development Center) has a program to network and help build a business plan.
  • Trademarking all the elements of my logo/name/etc that need to be protected legally.

And... with three small kids, a hubby, regular house/meal stuff plus all the unexpected and expected holidays/plans/events/appointments ------ I feel like I'll never get my head on straight. Not in the near future anyway. But somehow I keep going, shuffling one foot in front of the other, hoping and praying that all this effort gets me to where I want to be, or somewhere even greater.

Have you ever decided to take a risk, because you knew if you didn't do a thing - you would regret that more than the possible failure? Or because you wanted deeply to see a change that wasn't happening? Comments below are welcome!